Parable of the Sower, Singapore and Holland

Traveling with Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower, the opera, is a gift. Our tour dates to festivals in Singapore and Holland this Spring and Summer have given us the opportunity to delve deeper into the many layers of this urgent work, and to experience how people across the globe are engaging the questions of environmental and political disaster, refuge and the building of true community. 

Our Singapore experience was exquisite.

We were moved by the Holland Festival and the Black Amsterdam community multi-level engagement with Octavia's work, and our trip there coincided with her birthday!

Karma Johnson
Resurrect Yourself! SPIRAL LAB JUNE 4-10, 2018

 Take My Word for Jewel:

A Spiral Lab Yoga and Creative Writing Retreat JUNE 4-10

Join Spiral Lab in the Grenadines on Carriacou island for a yoga, creative writing and meditation retreat for women of color. Regenerate your creative flow on the island where Audre Lorde found a new spelling of her name: Zami*.  Is there a story in you that needs to be told, a creative project you want to reignite? Take a deep dive with Spiral Lab as we embark on a supported healing journey through yoga and meditation. Be renewed by the grandeur of the Caribbean sea.

Open your creative channels in community with artist-healers Shelley Nicole and Karma Mayet at the charming and elegant El Noel Seaside Villa. Emerge from your private room onto the veranda for morning yoga practice. Dine on healthy Chef-prepared meals.  Find a quiet space on the beach to write, or take time for contemplation. Unplug completely from the outside world, or check on things back home with the villa’s free Wi-Fi. The choice is yours.

*from Zami: A New Spelling of My Name by Audre Lorde.  




Karma Johnson
Reviews are in for RACE CARD'S debut NYC Run!

Thanks to all who came out to play with me, and to Time Out mag, the Village Voice, and the New York Times for featuring the work!  Read the review from THE NEW YORK TIMES here. 

RACE CARD'S interactive dance party/Bid Whist game/Storytelling sessions were described by many audience members as "healing", "a release". Over and over, folks expressed that RACE CARD reminded them of the need to periodically check in and shake off the load of daily racist aggression that we carry. Art serving a healing purpose, to bring light to hearts and minds!

Read the review from THE VILLAGE VOICE here.   

Stay tuned and join the mailing list on my homepage for updates on RACE CARD and other upcoming work! Thanks for stopping by! Peace!

Karma Johnson